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Strategic Leadership for Microfinance Professionals
Washington DC, USA September 23-27 | London, UK December 2-6

Don’t fall in to the trap of thinking that strategy isn’t important for a Microfinance Institution.  It’s critical for your success and growth.  In this course you will learn the difference between strategy, goals, objectives, and values, and why this is important.

We will review good and bad corporate and MFI Vision, Mission, and Values statements which will help you create quality statements of the same for your MFI.  These statements will be enhanced further by case studies involving Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  Threat analysis will be expanded to include all forms of risk, like fraud, asset/liability, and competitive risks that MFIs face.

Defining goals and objectives appropriately and measuring results will make sure your MFI is on track for success.  We will revisit and refine what is meant by strategy and take a look at a specific microfinance application of the Balanced Scorecard and relate measurement tools back to the organization mission.

Your leadership skills will be enhanced as we look at specific cases where leadership is needed to help individuals solve strategic dilemmas, and as you are asked to present summaries of topical leadership and strategy readings from Harvard Business Review.

Finally, if you don’t consider important change management methods, all the effort which goes into defining important strategic elements is wasted, so the course concludes with important lessons on change management.

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