Microfin Training
Virtual Single Organization Courses
June 10-14, 2024 | July 15-19 | August 12-16, 2024 
September 9-13, 2024 |October 21-25, 2024 | November 18-22, 2024


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Since 2000, I have trained hundreds of individuals in group settings and dozens of organizations through onsite and virtual consulting on the operation and implementation of Microfin.  Since 2016 when I became the official developer and main Microfin trainer, I realized that well conducted virtual training can be a cost effective way to teach and learn Microfin.  In addition to group on-site and virtual courses, I wanted to provide monthly scheduled dates for an exclusive opportunity for one organization to claim a date to receive customized Microfin training.

Prior to the training, I will contact you and arrange for the submission of representative amortization schedules for each of your loan products, as well as an indication of what percentage of the loan portfolio each of these products represent.  Additional information will also be gathered such as number of branches you operate, if you have voluntary or obligatory savings, if you have a liquid guarantee fund for collateral, and how you report budget-to-actual results currently.  I will take this information and customize the standard case study for these parameters, so that the Microfin course will focus on those areas important to your organization.

You get to choose the time of day when the course is taught, and how long each course lasts.  I anticipate each daily course would last 3 hours with a 15 minute break midway through each course each day for 5 days, however this can be adapted to individual preference.  You will be guaranteed 15 hours of training, along with access to the recordings of the training for future reference.  

Virtual or On-site? 
The course is designed to be conducted virtually, however if you are interested in having the training on-site, I would be happy to spend a week at your location.  Let me know in the registration form if this is interesting to you which will start the discussions on securing timing and a budget.  

One individual from your organization                         USD 1,500
Two or more individuals from your organization          USD 3,000

Start the registration process by filling out the form linked below.  I will be in contact with you within 24 hours with further information and how to guarantee your reservation.

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