Business Planning with Microfin - ADVANCED
Lahore, Pakistan
20-21 April 2020

Join industry practitioners and interested individuals at an exceptionally well rated ADVANCED Microfin course in Lahore, Pakistan 20-21 April 2020. This two-day ADVANCED course combines delegates’ actual budgeting experiences, both successes and challenges, with a customized case study which draws upon the trainer’s 25 years of experience in the Microfinance Industry.  Each completed Microfin section contains check figures for self verification.

Microfin is not just a simple budgeting spreadsheet for Microfinance Institutions, but a holistic enterprise planning tool, designed to help budgeting managers, CFOs, and operations officers plan for monthly branch expansion, staff hiring, cash management, and asset purchasing. In addition, Microfin includes a complete set of monthly financial statements, ratio reports, graphs, and monthly budget-to-actual variance analysis.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the spreadsheet, many users are initially intimidated by the software. My training courses empower users with a developer-led, thorough explanation of Microfin, utilizing a hands-on case study and the latest version of the software. Assumptions and results are explained and logically tested, removing that initial intimidation and giving confidence to the users that they can implement Microfin, project results, and make informed decisions for their own MFI.

This Advanced Course requires previous Microfin experience, either from a previous course or from personal experience.  The advanced course starts off where the standard course ended.  We will create additional branches and products and show how those integrate into the reporting structure of Microfin.  We will reconcile case study actual results with the budgeted results developed through the case study and then improve the case study inputs inputs to match with the actual results.  We will take a deeper dive into the Microfin consolidator model and how that can help MFIs work with an even more decentralized planning process than generally exists.

The course will be taught in English, with individuals who can further explain concepts in local languages.

The course location is being determined and will be announced shortly.  

The course fee will depend on how quickly you can guarantee your attendance: 

  • For those who commit to attend by 4 March 2020 the cost will be USD 600
  • For those who commit to attend by 18 March 2020 the cost will be USD 750
  • For those who commit to attend after 18 March 2020 the cost will be USD 900

Multiple booking discounts of USD 100 per delegate are available.  Delegates who are interested in taking the Standard and Advanced Courses one after another will receive a USD 300 discount on the combined courses.

Lunch and two coffee/tea/snack breaks will be provided.

Register by filling out the registration form here.

This is the second time the course has been offered in Lahore and I’m excited to be with you in April 2020.