Business Planning with Microfin
Anaheim, California, USA
14-18 November 2022

If you would like to attend this course, please work on your visa immediately as visa processing to the United States is taking extra time.    

Join a fast-track basic Microfin course in Anaheim, California, USA over three days, 14-16 November or an advanced course from 16-18 November, or both over 5 days from 14-18 November 2022.  In other words, this course will be taught in two sessions, the Standard Session from Monday through Wednesday and the Advanced Session from Wednesday through Friday. The Standard Session will go through all the basics of Microfin and will set users on a path to create their own Microfin projection model. The Advanced Session will take what’s been learned in the Standard Course and go into further detail and depth in reconciling results with projections, creating additional branches and products to further refine the projection accuracy. The Advanced Session is for those who have experience using Microfin, or those who are participating in the Standard Session.

Microfin is not just a simple budgeting spreadsheet for Microfinance Institutions, but a holistic enterprise planning tool, designed to help budgeting managers, CFOs, and operations officers plan for branch expansion, staff hiring, cash management, and asset purchasing. In addition, Microfin includes a complete set of financial statements, ratio reports, graphs, and monthly budget-to-actual variance analysis.

Microfin users have asked for a more precise method to project loan portfolio reserves and accrued interest receivable reserves. Attendees to this course will receive an advance version of Microfin which provides this functionality. It will be made widely available for all users in 2023.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the spreadsheet, many users are initially intimidated by the software. My training courses empower users with a developer-led, thorough explanation of Microfin, utilizing a hands-on case study and the latest version of the software. Assumptions and results are explained and logically tested, removing that initial intimidation and giving confidence to the users that they can implement Microfin, project results, and make informed decisions for their own MFI.

The course will be taught at Hampton Inn & Suites Anaheim, located within walking distance of Disneyland.  Click on the photos below to enlarge.


Earliest Registration
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Before 26 Sept.

Regular Registration
Standard Price
Before 24 Oct.
Late Registration
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After 24 Oct.
Course Fee - 3 Days (Standard 14-16 November or Advanced 16-18 November)

USD 800

USD 900 USD 1050
Course Fee - 5 Days (Standard AND Advanced
14-18 November 2022)
USD 1100 USD 1200 USD 1350

Lunch and two coffee/tea breaks will be provided.

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I’m excited to offer this course again in the United States of America, and on the west coast this time, and I hope to see many of you in Anaheim later this year.