Business Planning with Microfin
Lahore, Pakistan
September 19-23, 2022

Note: The June 2022 course has been rescheduled for September 19-23, 2022.

Microfin is not just a simple budgeting spreadsheet for Microfinance Institutions, but a holistic enterprise planning tool, designed to help budgeting managers, CFOs, and operations officers plan for branch expansion, staff hiring, cash management, and asset purchasing. In addition, Microfin includes a complete set of financial statements, ratio reports, graphs, and monthly budget-to-actual variance analysis.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the spreadsheet, many users are initially intimidated by the software. My training courses empower users with a developer-led, thorough explanation of Microfin, utilizing a hands-on case study and the latest version of the software. Assumptions and results are explained and logically tested, removing that initial intimidation and giving confidence to the users that implementing Microfin, projecting results, and making informed decisions for their own MFI is simpler than initially imagined.

This Microfin course is a full Standard and Advanced Course, over 5 days.  In the first three days of the course, participants use a customized case study aimed at illustrating the various features of the Microfin software.  On the last two days, we dive into additional customization which Microfin affords and rework parts of the case study, showing how adding branches to the model can improve the precision, but also the complexity of the model.  The participant will have a good sense of the tradeoffs between using Microfin through a consolidated model or a branch model.  In addition, the variance analysis section of the model is explored in more detail and users are taught how to revisit some of the initial assumptions to make the model more accurate.  Budgeting will never be 100% correct, but with the Microfin tool, many organizations have achieved budget to actual precision at a 3 to 5% variance.  

The course will be taught in a group setting, with local support and international support from the current developer and maintainer of the software.  

Participants outside of Pakistan are requested to make payment to MFI Resources through credit card or wire transfer.  Local Pakistani participants can make their payment in PKR to the local partner.  Registration fees for the training are summarized below.  Note that lunch and two coffee/tea breaks are included, however accommodations and travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant.    

Register early for the best discounted price.  Also note that there are additional discounts available for multiple registrations from the same organization. 

  Earliest Registration
Best Price
Before August 8, 2022
Regular Registration
Standard Price
Before September 5, 2022
Late Registration
Late Reg. Price
After September 5, 2022
Course Fee USD USD 850 USD 1000 USD 1150
Course Fee PKR PKR 80,000/- PKR 100,000/- PKR 120,000/-


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I’m excited to offer this course again in person and I hope to see many of you in Lahore later this year.