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The following files are included for download on the next page:

  • Microfin 4.16 - LATEST VERSION - RELEASED 03 November 2018 (see below for release notes)
  • Microfin 4.15 - Released 14 March 2018 (see below for release notes)
  • Microfin 4.143 - BETA Release 10 May 2016 (see below for release notes)
  • Microfin 4.14 - Released 15 March 2012
  • Using Microfin 4 - Published December 2006
  • The Microfin help file, Microfin4Help.chm - Added 2 November 2017
  • Video Tutorials: English videos are available as of 17 May 2016.
  • Video Tutorials: Spanish videos are available as of 24 May 2016.  (Videos en Español estan disponible desde 24 Mayo 2016.)

Latest Version 4.16 - 03 November 2018 - Release Notes

Model Setup: Added Accrued Interest Income line item for historical financial statements.
Financial Statements: Added reconciling Accrued Interest Income functionality; corrected cell references on Aggregate sheet to reference initial balances on Branch Sheets
Intro: Added New Version Available Alert and functionality. Microfin tests for an internet connection, then displays a developer custom notice in cell E23
Summary Report: Translation into a foreign currency and foreign constant currency titles display on the appropriate sections
Demos: Removed reference to the Scenario Manager Demo (never created)
Model Setup: Default values changed to calculate ratios on Average Total Assets and After Tax Net Income
A continuous effort is being made to improve and enhance cell descriptions and translations for clarity. Suggestions and comments are encouraged
A continuous effort is being made to anchor checkboxes, buttons, and pull down menus 

Previous Version 4.15 - 14 March 2018 - Release Notes

ADDED: Fin.Sources & Fin.Flows 17 Restricted Loans for Portfolio use
ADDED: Fin.Sources & Fin.Flows Automatic loan repayment functionality for Unrestricted, Restricted for Portfolio and Restricted for Other Assets
Corrected: Model Setup - Growth and Outreach formulas
Corrected: Fin.Flows - Dividend Payment Formula (column P)
Corrected: Translations - Minor adjustments for clarity in Spanish and French
Corrected: Help File identification routine
Changed: Savings graphs include compulsory savings
Corrected: The last of the sheet based drop-down menus and check boxes have been forced to their correct location

Previous Version 4.143 - 10 May 2016 - Release Notes:

Development and training assumed by Howard Brady at MFI Resources going forward
Branch/Region sheet(s) - Fixed:Salaries for some positions were visible when the summary section was hidden.
Products, Branch/Region sheet(s), InsCap - Fixed: Certain checkboxes and pull down menus were not displaying on the appropriate row. 
Intro Page, Model Setup (when not in Consolidated mode) - RAM in use appears again.