Latest Version of Microfin Released 21 June 2017!
The latest major version of Microfin, 4.15, was released on 21 June 2017.  This version provides added functionality to the Fin.Sources and Fin.Flows section, expanding from eight "Restricted Loans for Portfolio Use" to twenty-five entries.  In addition, if loan payments are consistently periodic, entry can be automated by entering the starting month, the amount of the periodic payment, the frequency of the payments and the number of payments.  These payments then get transferred to the Fin.Flows section where they appear automatically.  Two formulas have also been corrected on the Model Setup page for historical financial analysis, which does not affect the model's projections. 

"Minor" Maintenance Releases 

14 March 2018 Update
Some users have noticed that certain drop-down menus and checkboxes "float" above the cell where they should appear.  This update fixes the last of these controls.

22 February 2018 Update
French users will notice translation refinements in the version uploaded 22 February 2018.  The first French language Microfin course taught by a developer in perhaps a decade created an opportunity for native French speaking participants to critically examine abbreviations and correct a few areas where translation was incorrect, unclear, or referenced version 3.X methods.  Credit for these refinements goes to the course participants and not the developer who is only literate in English and Spanish.

2 November 2017 Update
Due to user requests, I have made available the Microfin help file and have adjusted the routine to find the help file.  These are located with the other files on the files download page, through the Resources tab.  I have also made a few minor adjustments to the translations for clarity and have adjusted the savings graph to better reflect compulsory savings.

If you notice anything not working properly, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

Use the resources tab above or click on this link to start the download process.  

Why Microfin?
Microfin is the premier Microfinance planning and budgeting tool.  Anyone who has created a MFI's budget quickly realizes microfinance's complexity.  Microfin automates all of the complex calculations, taking inputs (assumptions) on future organization growth, current and future loan and savings products, staffing, expenses, fixed assets and funding, and automatically generates future balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements for future budgeting, analysis, and comparison with actual results.

As MFIs take budgeting seriously, they can capture market share, reduce interest rates, test the impact of operational decision on the financial statements, and make credible presentations to board members, donors, and investors, many of whom are very familiar with (or may even require) Microfin.

How can I learn Microfin?
1.  Attend a regional Business Planning with Microfin course.  I plan training courses in Central America, South America, USA, Europe, Africa, and Asia each year.  I can also be contracted by country MFI associations, MFI apex networks, or individual organizations for specific courses outside of those that I have planned. The current list of courses is located under the "Training" tab above.  

2.  Participate in an internet based Microfin course.  I plan two internet Microfin courses each year, roughly in June and December.  The cost is half of the in person course but lacks the personal interaction with other participants. These internet courses are also listed under the "Training" tab above.

3.  Download to your computer for watching later, or click on the the instructional videos produced 11 years ago and watch them directly from this website.   These videos, along with the Microfin software, are available under the "Resources" tab above