M  I  C  R  O  F  I  N
From Strategic Plans to Monthly Financial Projections

How many hours have you spent creating, troubleshooting, and altering your financial projections? How many weekends have you worked trying to get the formulas just right?  I have personally spent hundreds of hours constructing spreadsheets, testing formulas, and formatting presentations, so I am intimately familiar with the process you’re going through and believe I have a solution which will save dozens of hours on your annual financial projections.  Instead of spending time editing and verifying formulas and still wondering if you got them correct, you can spend time working on strategy and monitoring results.

I have worked with organizations, large and small, training them on how to implement Microfin for financial projections since 2000. I know the ins and outs of Microfin better than anyone currently using the system and I would like to share that knowledge and expertise with you and your organization.

Why Microfin?
Microfin is the premier Microfinance planning and budgeting tool.  Anyone who has created a MFI's budget quickly realizes microfinance's complexity.  Microfin automates all of the complex calculations, taking inputs (assumptions) on future organization growth, current and future loan and savings products, staffing, expenses, fixed assets and funding, and automatically generates future balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements for future budgeting, analysis, and comparison with actual results.

As your organization takes budgeting seriously, you can capture market share, reduce interest rates, test the impact of operational decision on the financial statements, and make credible presentations to board members, donors, and investors, many of whom are very familiar with (or may even require) Microfin.

How can I learn Microfin?
1.  Attend a regional Business Planning with Microfin course.  I plan group training courses throughout the world each year.  I can also be contracted by country MFI associations, MFI apex networks, or individual organizations for specific courses outside of those that I have planned. The current list of courses is located under the "Training" tab above.  

2.  New for 2023 I have implemented an exclusive training course methodology for single organzations.  Private training sessions are conducted each month and provide an excellent oppportunity for instituion wide learning as well as jump-starting the creation of your Microfin model.  Learn more about this opportunity here.  

3.  Participate in a group Zoom based Microfin course.  I plan two Zoom Microfin courses each year, roughly in June and December.  The cost is half of the in person course but lacks the personal interaction with other participants. These internet courses are also listed under the "Training" tab above.

4.  Download to your computer for watching later the instructional videos produced in 2007.  These videos, along with the Microfin software, are available under the "Resources" tab above

Software Note:

The latest major version of Microfin, 4.16, was released on 3 November 2018.  This version adds support for accrued interest income receivable on the Model Setup sheet.  Reconciling formulas were updated throughout the model and the results appear on the Financial Statement sheet.  A consistent effort is being made to anchor checkbox, buttons, and dropdown controls as well as improving the input descriptions.  A full list of changes are included on the release notes on the Intro sheet.  

If you notice anything not working properly, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  In addition, if you have suggestions for improvements in the software, feel free to let me know.  A significant upgrade to Microfin is anticipated in late 2023 to be ready for the 2024 calendar year projections.

Use the resources tab above or click on this link to start the download process.